“Step into comfort and style with our tested heels, sandals, and flats. No blisters, aches, or discomfort – just pure satisfaction.”

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. Sorel Kinetic sandals “Get sporty vibes with breezy style! These sneakers-turned-sandals offer cushioned comfort for non-stop days. Stay comfy, active, and stylish all day long!”

    Reviewer photo of a person standing with their dog while wearing black and white sandals
    Reviewer photo of a closeup of white soled black strappy sandals


    Promising reviews: “It is hard for me to find cute sandals that are also good for walking. I walked 5 miles the first time I wore these and had no blisters or discomfort. They look great with a skirt or pants, and a lot of people have complimented me on them. I wear a size 11, and these were true to size.” —Caterpillar983

    “Love my new sandals! Great cushioning and arch support, sporty look, and the adjustable strap is great for the Florida humidity that makes your feet swell when you walk a bit. I found them true to size. I’m usually between an 8 and 8.5 (usually the larger size in athletic shoes) and found the 8 in these to fit well. Got lots of compliments on them my first day wearing them! So comfy!” —Maggie

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5–11 and in six colors).

    2. Water-resistant Dr. Scholl’s slip-on sneakers Sail through airport security hassle-free! These easy slip-on shoes feature a cushioned insole for pain-free hours of walking. Travel comfortably and stylishly!

    reviewer wearing the black shoes while outside
    reviewer wearing the leopard print dr scholls sneakers


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “Travel tested and approved — LOVE!! My hairdresser friend recommended these since she’s always on her feet. They were so reasonable so I ordered them for my South Africa honeymoon trip. They were INCREDIBLE!!! My feet never hurt, and I walked a ton of miles in them. They also went with a ton of outfits, so I was very happy!!! I highly recommend!” —Leah Gwin Hoefling

    “These shoes were recommended as comfortable walking shoes. They absolutely are the best! I bought these shoes to have a stylish, casual shoe for a NYC/DC seven-day tour. I walked an average of seven to eight miles a day even in a downpour. Not a single blister or pain of any kind. If you are searching for stylish, casual, and comfortable, then these are it. Easy on and off, water-resistant, and coordinates with all outfits.” —S. Lee

    Get it from Amazon (available in sizes 5–13, including wide sizes, and in 28 designs). 

    3. Crocs flip-flops “Experience unbeatable comfort and durability without the clunkiness of clogs. Ultra-lightweight and versatile, these Crocs are a must for poolside relaxation and travel!”

    reviewer wearing the black flip-flops
    side view of reviewer's foot wearing the black flip-flop in the sand to show its flexible sole


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “I walked around Epcot for 12 hours in these flip-flops. Not a single sore. So comfortable! Highly recommended.” —tina roya

    “These are AMAZING. The only flip-flops I’ve ever owned that I can literally walk all day in comfortably! Took them on an eight-day beach vacation and averaged 5.5 miles per day walking! They stick to your feet firmly — very little ‘flopping’ lol. I also have a wide foot and have issues finding flip-flops and sandals that my feet won’t spill over the sides of. Amazing shoe. And for a Crocs product, not bad-looking!” —S Doeringsfeld

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 4–11 and 11 colors). 

    4. Crocs wedges “Elevate your style and comfort with these platform heels! Perfect for travel and long walks, easy to clean, and surprisingly chic. Get ready to turn heads!”

    reviewer wearing the black crocs platforms
    reviewer wearing the white crocs platforms with a skirt


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “If you are looking for a shoe that is cute and comfortable, look no further! This shoe is everything! I wore this shoe all day long walking through the streets of Paris and Florence. And when I say walk, I mean walk…some days up to 10 miles. I brought three other pairs of shoes and ended up wearing these pretty much every day. The platform heel was just the right height, and the sole was almost like memory foam and seemed to absorb the pressure from all the standing and walking. The straps did not rub my feet and were easy to open, close, and adjust. Great shoe if you are on the go! I would highly recommend.” —Jay

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 4–11 and 18 styles). 

    5. Blondo Villa ankle booties a stylish close-toed option in waterproof suede and nubuck leather! Perfect for strolling through charming streets, rain or shine.

    brown ankle boots with a slight heel
    reviewer wearing the same boots in sand suede color


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “I bought these for travel after seeing them recommended on multiple travel sites. Although the manufacturer says the boots are waterproofed, I did spray them with a suede protectant. I recently returned from a trip to Barcelona where I wore these all day for several days. We walked about six miles a day, and I had no discomfort. (They’re significantly more comfortable than the pair of Cole Haan Chelsea boots that they were bought to replace.) It rained pretty heavily one day, and I found these to be completely waterproof. What’s more, the rain did not seem to affect the boots at all; they still look brand new. I plan to take them with me to London and Paris next month. They also look great for work with tights. All-around great shoe. I’m very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend them.” —HEO1121

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5.5–10, including wide sizes, and in seven styles).

    6. Dr. Martens gladiator sandals “Swap out clunky boots for summer style and punk vibes! These leather sandals offer a stylish lift and breezy comfort for hot days, perfect for year-round wear.”

    Reviewer's photo wearing sandals while standing
    a reviewer showing their entire outfit plus the sandals


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “I bought these for walking long distances in my city. I wanted something to look cute but be comfortable. The leather is a bit stiff so I wore them for short distances a few times before wearing them out to do errands. I covered three miles in them yesterday then went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers and danced for two hours, and my feet felt great! I’m a high heel girl, but if you need comfortable soft sandals, these are the ones. If you don’t wanna [take] the time to break them in (I mean they ARE Docs after all), just buy some moleskin and attach it to the stiff bits. BTW, TONS of compliments, too.” —Chris Quinlivan & Dion Serene

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5–11 and four colors).

    7. Comfy pumps “Introducing our chic heels, designed for comfort without sacrificing style. Enjoy the supportive block heel and cushioned insole, perfect for all-day wear!”

    reviewer wearing the white pumps with a dress
    Reviewer wears same style pump in a dark blue shade with skinny gray pants


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “I walked 8.3 miles in these heels and have no regrets. I wore these for the very first time for Disneyland’s Dapper Day, and I was OVERWHELMINGLY surprised with how comfortable they were! I have never bought shoes on Amazon before and was worried that the fit and or quality would make me regret my purchase. But truly, it was far from it. The heel is the perfect height to give you a lift and wide enough for you to feel secure! The strap when fitted snug around your ankle can be a bit irritating when it rubs, so I loosened them. At the end of the day, the balls of my feet were a bit sore, but that’s just the effects of Disney. But I’m happy to report that I have no blisters, and I can’t wait to wear them out again!” —cissyjworstell

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5–11, including wide sizes, and 21 colors).

    9. Birkenstock Arizona sandals “Experience timeless classics worth the investment for their durability and comfort. With proper care, these shoes last over a decade, molding to your feet for ultimate comfort.”

    reviewer's feet wearing the beige sandals
    reviewer's feet wearing the dark gray sandals


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “I can walk five miles in Birkenstocks, and my feet don’t hurt. Sometimes, when I wear my sneakers, my feet talk to me after a five-mile walk. In the winter, I put on warm wooly socks and my Birkenstocks, and my feet are happy.” —rene h

    “LOVE. I just got home from a five-hour touring adventure (LOTS of walking), and my feet feel fine. Everyone I’ve talked to swears by Birkenstocks, and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge.” —Cat

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 3–16.5, including narrow sizes, and in dozens of styles — not all styles available in all sizes). 

    10. Cushionaire slides “Tailored to perfection with a flexible cork footbed and supportive insole. With over 50,000 5-star ratings, they rival Birkenstocks in comfort at a fraction of the cost!”

    reviewer holding up the tan sandal to show its supportive footbed
    reviewer wearing the sandals in tan


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “I bought these sandals before a three-week trip in Europe; I didn’t want to pay for Birks but did want something in similar style with good arch support. I was a little skeptical about the low price, but gave them a shot…and they were the MOST comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. I walked over 120 miles in them in three weeks on our trip and never once had foot pain. They broke in so quickly and were very supportive from the get go — and still are! Highly recommend.” —Han Lin

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 6–13, including wide sizes, and 21 styles).

    11. And beyond-affordable double-buckle slides Discover these irresistibly adorable sandals that defy their affordable price tag—and guess what? They’re waterproof too! Get the chic, thick-strap Birkenstock style you crave without breaking the bank. Treat yourself to this unbeatable deal today!

    reviewer wearing the white double buckle slides
    side view of the white slides


    The seller recommends checking the size chart, which details the best size for your foot length. The back strap is also adjustable!

    Promising review: “Comfy and trendy enough. I like ’em! I prefer not to wear shoes that don’t have a back. It’s my paranoia that I’ll have to break out in a run at some point. But these work very well. I walk miles in them without discomfort. Plus, they’re cute. Trends up any casual outfit. They are not Croc– or Birkenstock-level comfort because the sole is not cushioned, but it is carved out just right for the naked foot. Update: Just came back from a month in Costa Rica during rainy season, and I’m so glad I brought these! They held up so well getting through muddy pebble streets. The soles were thick enough to not feel the rocks beneath me and keep my toes from getting in the dirt. When I got in, I just washed them off. The white color held up in all that, and they never felt uncomfortable or as if they would come off my feet (a concern I have about sandals without ankle straps). They are excellent value. Get ’em!” —MelRay

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 6–10 and two colors).

    12. Quick-drying Teva sandals, Imagine the perfect pair of outdoor sandals: reliable, long-lasting, and ready for adventure. These quick-drying Teva sandals fit the bill. With their rugged sole, they’re ideal for light hikes, festivals, and everyday wear. Plus, they come in a variety of cute designs, and water won’t faze them at all!” 🌞👣

    reviewer's feet in the black and white sandals
    reviewer's feet in the multicolored sandals


    FYI, aside from their style and comfort, Tevas are *known* for their durability — one reviewer said their last pair lasted for EIGHT YEARS. This isn’t your average sandal that falls apart after one season.  

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “Bought these for a hiking trip where I knew my feet might get wet. These were great even in some pretty steep, slippery areas. Hiked 17 miles in one day, and my feet still felt great! I did size down and so glad I did!” —Holly Benning

    “Comfiest shoes on the planet. I bought them for my trip to Thailand, which included a heavy amount of walking and hiking. I now wear them all the time, even for non-adventurous activities. They are so darn comfortable, and have great grip.” —Caroline V.

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5–14 and 34 styles).

    13. Versatile Toms sandal “Step into elegance with these sleek heels—a perfect choice for cute brunches, fancy garden parties, or romantic dinners. The chunky heel provides comfort without sacrificing style, and the thick straps ensure your feet stay secure all day long.” 👠✨

    If you’re interested in exploring more fashionable footwear, consider checking out these options:

    1. Block Heel Sandals: Versatile and chic, these heels offer stability and sophistication for any occasion.
    2. Ankle Strap Pumps: Classic and timeless, ankle strap pumps elongate your legs and add a touch of glamour.
    3. Espadrille Wedges: Ideal for summer outings, espadrille wedges combine height with comfort.

    Happy shoe shopping! 🛍️💃

    side view of reviewer wearing the white sandals
    overhead view of reviewer wearing the white sandals


    Promising reviews: “Absolutely love these! They are so comfy that I can walk miles in them without my feet hurting. They also go with every outfit and can easily be dressed up or down.” —Cassidy

    “I’m obsessed with this shoe! I love that it fits like a bootie. Adorable with skinny jeans/leggings, dresses, etc. Can be dressed up or down — I wore them to a wedding in Greece, and also out and about during the day in SpainVery comfortable for walking, dancing, whatever!” —jasmineflower

    Get it from Amazon (available in sizes 5–12 and 12 styles). 

    14. Columbia hiking shoes“Imagine stepping onto the trails with confidence and style. These quick-drying Teva sandals are the stuff of dreams for outdoor enthusiasts. With their rugged sole, they’re perfect for light hikes, festivals, and everyday wear. Plus, they come in a variety of cute designs, and water won’t bother them one bit! Who says hiking boots can’t be fashionable? These sandals even come with striking red laces and other color combinations.” 🌿👣🌟Happy trails! 🌞👟🏞️

    top down shot of the brown and red boots
    reviewer wearing the red and brown boots outside


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “There’s a reason that these hiking boots are the #1 best hiking boot on Amazon. I am amazed that they are so comfortable. This is day four that I’ve worn them, and my feet feel fantastic! I hiked four miles on the second day, and my feet were not tired, achy, or sore. I have been hiking for 30 years and have had numerous boots, but not a single pair have been this comfortable. The price is so worth it for what you get. In fact, I am ordering another pair so I can have one pair for hiking and another pair for everyday use. You simply cannot go wrong buying these boots.” —Granny B

    Get them from Amazon  (available in sizes 5–12, including wide sizes, and 14 colors).

    16. Sanuk Yoga Mat flip-flops These sandals are like your trusty yoga mat—covered in a similar material for ultimate comfort. No slipping, no blisters—just long-lasting support. Reviewers rave about them for travel, whether it’s beach days, Disneyland trips, or treks across Europe and Asia. 🌴🌞🌏

    two pairs of black flip-flops side-by-side labeled
    reviewer wearing the flip-flops in orange


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “I bought these Sanuk flip-flops over two years ago in Florida when I went on vacation. My feel were killing me from wearing my regular flip-flops, so I went to the stores and found these. I walked for miles in these. I just purchased two more and will come back for more colors. They are the most comfortable flip-flop I have ever, ever, ever worn. I’m going to Florida in April and will be bringing them again so I can walk for miles and miles without my feet hurting. Get them, you won’t regret it!!!” —magdalena alosGet them from Amazon  (available in sizes 5–11 and in 23 styles).

    17. Skechers sport sandals Discover these versatile boots designed for comfort and support on any adventure. Their minimalist style ensures they won’t shout ‘I LOVE HIKING’ if you’re not the outdoorsy type, yet they’re built to last. Whether you’re hitting the trail or heading to brunch, these boots blend practicality with charm.” 🌿👢🌟And remember, they’re not just for hiking—pair them with your favorite outfit for a chic park day! 🌸🌞

    reviewer wearing the sandals in black
    reviewer wearing the sandals in dark gray on a pebbly surface


    Psst: They’re machine-washable.

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “Love, love, love! I have a VERY difficult time finding sandals that fit my narrow foot. These are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. I can tighten them to fit my feet and walk for hours. My first pair went to Italy and Greece with me, and it’s the only shoe I wore the entire three-week trip. I have started to buy in other colors and currently own three pairs.” —Robin A. Laehn

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5–12, including wide sizes, and 10 styles).

    20. Soda flatform espadrilles Elevate Your Warm-Weather Wardrobe with Unbeatable Comfort! Looking for sandals that won’t unravel or disappoint before August arrives? Look no further! These super cute options are not only stylish but also ultra-comfy, as reviewers rave. Whether you pair them with denim, dresses, or anything in between, they’ll keep you feeling fabulous all season long. Say goodbye to flimsy footwear—step into summer with confidence! ☀️👡🌸

    reviewer wearing the sandals in white
    close-up of reviewer in the white sandals


    Promising reviews: “Don’t hesitate any further, just buy them! I am super picky about shoes, especially sandals, and these are so comfortable. I wore them for hours walking around downtown and no blisters, no discomfort, nothing. They look amazing, too!” —Summer

    “I wear them with most of my shorts to go out on the evening. Great for comfort to walk in for miles. Love them so much.” —Shelley Baugh

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5.5–11 and in 20 colors).

    21. Chic London booties Tired of clunky rain boots that weigh you down? Look no further! These sleek rain boots offer the perfect blend of fashion and function. Pair them with cropped pants and a trench coat for a chic rainy day commute or while running errands. Rainy weather just got a whole lot more stylish! ☔👢🌧️

    side view of the rain booties
    top down view of reviewer wearing the black boots with rolled up jeans


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “I brought these to DC for a wet weekend of sightseeing. Though tennis shoes would be the best option for the amount of walking we did, these were suitably comfortable and kept my feet dry for all 7+ miles we walked this day. (Not to mention how absolutely adorable they are!) No blisters, no regrets!” —RT

    “I bought these for wet days at work (dog walker), and I absolutely love them. I usually walk up to five miles a day, 10 on a busy day, on trails and grass — these boots are actually comfortable to wear on top of being waterproof. Great buy; I use them all the time!” —Sara DeW

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 6–11 and 22 styles).

    22. Lightweight faux leather strappy sandals if you love a minimal, breezy shoe that’ll go with practically your entire wardrobe. Though arch support isn’t a feature here, reviewers say the straps are comfortable and don’t dig into your skin or leave blisters.

    reviewer wearing the tan sandals on grass
    reviewer wearing the tan sandals while sitting near the water


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising reviews: “I walk a few miles a day commuting to my job and needed a sandal that would be comfortable, professional, and durable. These do the trick. I comfortably walked six miles in them yesterday. They have a slight amount of cushion, and the straps are the perfect tension. The honey brown color is beautiful and goes with everything. Absolutely recommend.” —Kate Johnson

    “I have bought these sandals in three colors now, and they are my absolute favorite! Even when they were brand new, they did not rub or give me blisters. I walked around San Juan for 10 hours, and my feet didn’t hurt at all! They fit as expected and are an absolute staple for my summer wardrobe! BUY THEMMM!” —tkbonham

    Get them from Amazon  (available in sizes 5–15, including wide sizes, and six colors).

    23. slightly more cushioned option  Step into comfort and style with these fisherman-inspired sandals. Featuring a padded faux cork footbed, they’re perfect for all-day wear. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite. Whether you’re pairing them with jeans or dresses, these sandals are the ultimate versatile addition to your wardrobe! 👡🌟🌈

    reviewer wearing the sandals in brown
    reviewer wearing the sandals in black


    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: “These shoes. I have to admit that even though some of the reviews said that these were comfortable for their traveling adventures, I was unsure that would end up the case with me. I’ve had plenty of ‘comfortable’ shoes I’ve taken on vacations with me that by the time I’ve gotten back to my accommodations after a day of walking around for miles, my feet were so incredibly sore that it’s all I could think about. I wasn’t going to write a review until I really put these babies to the test. Well. Reviews are in. I wore these shoes walking around for nine miles in Tangier today, and my feet ARE NOT SORE AT ALL!!! These shoes truly are so comfortable. If you’re looking for comfy travel sandals, do yourself a favor and just buy these already!” —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 6–11 and 16 colors)

    24. Strappy chunky heels These sandals are designed to keep you supported and comfortable without the dreaded break-in period. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip, attending a semi-formal occasion, or simply need a versatile option for everyday wear, these sandals have you covered. And the best part? They come in a variety of fun shades, so you can add a pop of color to your feet. Step into style and ease with these must-have sandals! 👡🌟🌈

    close up of reviewer holding the black sandal
    full length view of reviewer wearing the black sandals


    Promising reviews: “Reaching for these sandals more and more because they’re comfy, cute, and elevate my outfits! They didn’t require any breaking in, and I’ve worn them for an entire day out and had no issues with long term wear. Fit was true to size. Going to get another color since I love them so much!” —Nidhi Patel

    “Wow! I walked miles over cobblestone in these bad boys and had no discomfort. I was worried the price was too good to be true, but it’s not. They feel pricier than they are, and the comfort is incredible!” —Eric

    Get it from Amazon (available in sizes 6–10 and 24 designs).